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Pregnancy Massage - Zenicure Massage

Massage is beneficial for almost everyone,even mothers carrying babies can enjoy a great massage. Pregnancy massage has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy; lessen the pressure in weight-bearing joints; relieve muscle cramps and spasms especially in the lower back, neck, hips and limbs; improve blood flow to reduce swelling and enhance the pliability of skin, ultimately providing support for pregnant women with physical and emotional strains, when choices for medication are limited.

To ensure the comfort and safety for the mother and baby, the client’s body will be properly positioned and supported during the massage. More intensive techniques such as deep tissue work will not be used, and certain areas of the body will be avoided.


Head Massage
Neck and Shoulders
Neck Shoulders and Head Massage
Neck Shoulders and Back Massage
Neck Shoulders Back and Legs Massage

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Please note: women pregnant in the first trimester, or with health conditions such as blood clotting disorders, risks of pre-term labour and other ailments are not recommended for massage. Please consult with your doctor before experiencing pregnancy massage for the first time.

Note: Gift Card is not acceptable.