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Hot Stone Massage - Zenicure Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a combination of massage and the use of hot stones- an ancient naturopathy that involves placing smooth, flat basalt stones preheated to approximately 125 °F (52 °C) on specific energy pathways of the body (usually the back, hands and toes) to alleviate back pain, arthritis, muscle ache and to release toxins inside the body.

Our therapist may also hold and glide the stones, use them to apply deeper pressure or to massage certain areas of the body. The warmth of the hot stones can greatly improve blood circulation and calm the nervous system, thus promoting deep relaxation in the underlying tissues.

Please note: women pregnant in the first trimester, or with health conditions such as blood clotting disorders, risks of pre-term labour and other ailments are not recommended for massage. Please consult with your doctor before experiencing pregnancy massage for the first time.


30 Mins Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stone
60 Mins Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stone


Note: Gift Card is not acceptable.