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Ear Candling - Zenicure Massage

Ear candling serves the purpose of removing earwax built-up in the ear canal in order to relieve minor symptoms such as headaches and drowsiness. The practice involves lighting a hollow candle specially made for this treatment, and placing the unlit end into the ear canal. A mellow suction caused by the heat then drives the earwax from the canal up into the hollow of the candle.

We also combine ear candling with relaxation massage to make the unique experience more refreshing and enjoyable to our clients.


30 Mins Gua Sha with Remedial Massage


Please note: for all alternative treatment services (Acupuncture, Cupping and Gua Sha), our doctors will give consultation on which treatment should be the most beneficial to each client, based on observation, inquiry and diagnosis. A case file will be documented for future reference, therefore a $20 consultant fee will be charged, but only on the first consultation.

Note: Spa.com Gift Card is not acceptable.